Smart Video Replay, the most powerful video replay available, is not just free… it’s priceless!

Tired of paying out expensive annual fees for an under performing video replay system? Tired of your video replay system failing you when you really need it the most? Are you ready for a video replay system that is reliable, easy to use and actually makes football sense? Then you are ready for Smart Video Replay.

How do you get Smart Video Replay for free? Send us an email at and include your name and team affiliation — or fill out the contact form and put your request in the comments.  We will reply asap with all the info you need to Amplify Your Coaching!

What is the catch? You can use the software for free but you have to purchase your own hardware. We provide an easy to understand hardware guide for any qualified IT person to build a reliable high performance replay hardware kit. The hardware the best available and is generally about $800 per camera angle and is readily available on Amazon. We include the Make, Model, Part Number and Amazon ASIN numbers in our guide for easy reference.

Spend your money where it counts — on your equipment and coaches.

Where do you start?

Get with your qualified IT person, review our hardware diagram, order the parts and build the replay kit — it is that easy.  Then appoint someone who (maybe the same qualified IT person) who is technical enough to manage the replay system and make this job their only responsibility.  Call them your “Video Replay Coach.”   This coach will be someone who can set up the system prior to game time, manage it during the game and then take it down and store it after the game and upload your video to the internet after the game with the breakdown.  This person will also troubleshoot any minor problems — like broken HDMI video cables or ethernet network cables.  Things fail over time in our game environment and they will need to keep things up and running.

The replay crew will consist of:

  • Video Replay Coach: Manages the Replay System — spends time between sideline (clients) and press box (server).
  • Video Replay Server Operator: Records the video (both angles) into the computer and tags each play with the ODK, Down, Distance, etc. data.
  • Sideline Camera Operator
  • End Zone Camera Operator

Smart Video Replay facts and features:

  • SVR is designed by high school, college and pro football coaches.

  • SVR is software that makes sense and is easy to use.

  • SVR provides a major new software release every July full of new features based on great suggestions from our coaches.
  • Record 1 camera or synchronized recording of 2 cameras using only one computer.

  • View video immediately after recording is finished.

  • No Internet required.

  • SVR runs on Microsoft Windows (10 is preferred).

  • Full play list at your fingertips.

  • Draw on video and share drawings with all users.

  • Whiteboard mode for sideline drawing.

  • Tag video with searchable custom data.

  • Instantly filter specific play groupings.

  • Identify adjustments during games.

  • Maximize instruction during practice.

  • Create & print playbooks.

  • Automatic calculation of gain/loss for plays

  • Use off-the-shelf hardware that is the best available.
  • Upload video & data to data sharing systems (e.g., Hudl, etc.)

  • Designed by Coaches. 
  • Developed by software engineers.

Amplify your Coaching!