Smart Video Replay is not just free… it’s priceless!

If you would like to use the Smart Video Replay (SVR) software for free, email us at and include your name and team affiliation.  We will reply asap with all the info you need to download the SVR application for free, access the SVR user manuals and the SVR recommended hardware guides.  All you have to do is order your hardware and configure your SVR replay system.  You will then have the best video replay software and hardware and money in your wallet… and no annual subscription fees!

Why is Smart Video Replay free?

  • Great coaches and quality equipment are two critical essentials for football to be successful and safe. Yet, so most schools have tight budgets and struggle to pay their coaches and properly equip their players. Many coaches work for free. One of the toughest budget decisions football programs have to make is “do we purchase a replay system to stay competitive in games.”

  • With this always on our mind, a head coach, whom we respect so much, said “If you make it your goal to help boys become good men, husbands and fathers, you will have a successful football program — no matter what the score.”  

  • We realized that great football coaches know they are part of something greater than a game.  That is why they coach.  They are the living, breathing examples of Proverbs 27:17 — Iron Sharpens Iron.

  • Inspired, we asked ourselves, “How can we help these football programs and be part of this higher calling?”

  • The answer was simple – give Smart Video Replay software away for free.

  • Why and How?

    • 1) We love football and made the SVR software because of our passion for the game.

    • 2) We do not rely on SVR to make a living and don’t need or want your money.

  • So if you, or someone in your football program, have some IT expertise and are willing to put in some sweat equity and build a replay kit using the best and most reliable hardware, you can successfully use Smart Video Replay.

  • Does it work? Yes. There are many powerhouse programs who prefer to use Smart Video Replay over other systems even though they are blessed to have the money to get whatever they want – because it works and it makes football sense.  

  • I play in a very large stadium, will it work there?  We have worked flawlessly in large FBS stadiums in the SEC for years.  We recommend the best hardware and have intuitive and reliable software.

Most importantly, no matter what you do for replay, take the following advice very seriously: Get a coach, parent, teacher, etc., (someone that “really” knows computers and networking) and make the replay system their only responsibility.  This means someone who can set it up, make sure it is working prior to game time and during the game, and take it down after the game.  No matter what replay system we see in use during the season, many seem to have issues because, besides possibly using terrible hardware, there is not a knowledgeable person on staff who understands technology and can troubleshoot problems.  This means troubleshooting anything that does not work — from a bad HDMI video or network cable to a dead battery or a malfunctioning wireless router or computer.  This is reality in football game conditions — things fail over time.   So get a good IT Tech to run replay on your staff so you can coach.  This is the best advice for a program running a replay system — ever!

Smart Video Replay facts and features:

  • SVR is designed by high school, college and pro football coaches.

  • SVR is software that makes sense and is easy to use.

  • SVR provides a major new software release every July full of new features based on great suggestions from our coaches.
  • Record 1 camera or synchronized recording of 2 cameras using only one computer.

  • View video immediately after recording is finished.

  • No Internet required.

  • SVR for the Microsoft Windows.

  • SVR for iPad. 

  • Full play list at your fingertips.

  • Draw on video and share drawings with all users.

  • Whiteboard mode for sideline drawing.

  • Tag video with searchable custom data.

  • Instantly filter specific play groupings.

  • Identify adjustments during games.

  • Maximize instruction during practice.

  • Create & print playbooks.

  • Automatic calculation of gain/loss for plays

  • Draw on top of video (overlay) for instructional playback (use for pitching and hitting instruction in baseball with synchronized playback of different video angles).

  • Use off-the-shelf hardware that is the best available.

  • Upload video & data to data sharing systems (e.g.,, Rapid Replay, HUDL, etc.)

  • Software available for immediate download.

  • Developed by software engineers.

Amplify your Coaching!