The most Powerful Instant Replay software available is FREE for School Teams.  

  • Why SVR is free to Schools?

    Reason 1: So many schools I talk to can scarcely afford to pay their coaches and properly equip their players. Good coaches and good equipment are critical essentials required for football to be safe and successful. Those should be your budget priorities.

    Reason 2: A head coach I respect so much, who had recently lost a national championship game, was talking to a group of prospects. I was in the room. He said he fielded so many questions like “Coach, what are you plans to get back to that championship game?” His replay was, “I am not in this for championships.” He said, “If you make it your goal to help boys become good men, husbands and fathers, you will be a successful coach no matter what the score.” That was his goal. That is what football is to so many. That is what got him to a championship game. I immediately thought of Proverbs 27:17, Iron Sharpens Iron, and asked myself, “How can I help coaches be Proverbs 27:17 coaches and have that kind of success?”  Well, I have some pretty good software that can help them…

    Reason 3: I love and respect the game..

    Reason 4: My spiritual gift is giving.

  • How can we get a copy for our school? Email if you want to know how to get a copy of the software and the instructions on what is the best hardware, the best methods for using the software and a guide on how to use SVR.  In your email, please include your school name and your title.

  • Any other advice?  Yes! Get a parent, teacher, etc., or someone that “really” knows computers and networking, to help you.  No matter what replay system we see in use during the season, they always seem to have issues and usually this is because they are using terrible hardware and/or there is not a knowledgeable person who understands how it works helping them.  Someone who can set it up and make sure it is working prior to game time and take it down after the game.  This means trouble shooting anything that does not work — from a video cable to a dead battery to a wireless router or computer (that is reality).   Get an good IT Tech volunteer on your staff… the best advice for a replay system ever!

  • Can you help us?  We will give you documentation that a person with good IT skills can use to easily build a great wireless system using the best hardware available.  If you need 1:1 help, you can email our friend and tech wizard extraordinaire Coach Jeff Hines at  He offers consulting services on hardware and support services for SVR.  He does charge a low and fair fee for his time.

  • SVR Designed by high school, college and pro football coaches.

  • SVR Software that makes sense and is easy to use.

  • Record 1 camera or synchronized recording of 2 cameras using only one computer.

  • View video immediately after recording is finished.

  • No Internet required.

  • Smart Video Replay for the Microsoft Surface.

  • Smart Video Replay for iPad. 

  • Full play list at your fingertips.

  • Draw on video and share drawings with all users.

  • Whiteboard mode for sideline drawing.

  • Tag video with searchable custom data.

  • Instantly filter specific play groupings.

  • Identify adjustments during games.

  • Maximize instruction during practice.

  • Create & print playbooks.

  • Automatic calculation of gain/loss for plays

  • Draw on top of video (overlay) for instructional playback (use for pitching and hitting instruction in baseball with synchronized playback of different video angles).

  • Use off-the-shelf hardware.

  • Upload video & data to data sharing systems (e.g., GameFilm360, Rapid Replay, Krossover & HUDL)

  • Software available for immediate download.

  • Developed by software engineers.