Smart Video Replay, the most powerful and intuitive video replay available, is free… or as we prefer to say, priceless!

Yes, Smart Video Replay is free to all High School & Youth Football Programs.

Why is it free? We want to give back. We love football. We want to help coaches because we know, just as Iron Sharpens Iron, a great coach can change lives. (Proverbs 27:17).

So, if you are tired of paying out expensive annual fees, only to be frustrated with an unreliable and underperforming replay system that fails when you need it the most, then you are ready for Smart Video Replay.

How do you get SVR? Just send an email to and include your name and team affiliation — or fill out the contact form on the Q&A page and put your request in the comments.  We will reply asap with all the info you need to Amplify Your Coaching!

We will provide the software and an easy-to-understand hardware guide for any qualified IT person to build a reliable high performance replay hardware kit. You can get the hardware at Amazon. We include the Make, Model, Part Number and Amazon ASIN numbers in our guide for easy reference.

So, ditch your underperforming replay system and use the best video replay system for free. Then spend your money where it counts — on your coaches & equipment.



Get the IT expert involved, have them acquire and build the kit.  Get a “Video Replay Coach” who can set up the system prior to game time, manage it during the game and then take it down and store it after the game and upload your video to the internet after the game with the breakdown.  This coach will also troubleshoot any minor problems — because things like HDMI cables, etc., fail over time in our game environment and they will need to keep things up and running.  The replay crew will consist of:

  • Video Replay Coach: Manages the Replay System — spends time between sideline (clients) and press box (server).
  • Video Replay Server Operator: Records the video (both angles) into the computer and tags each play with the ODK, Down, Distance, etc. data.
  • Sideline Camera Operator
  • End Zone Camera Operator