Why is it free?
Because we care about high school football and believe it is bigger than a game.  Because Iron Sharpens Iron – Proverbs 27:17.

Do I need to have internet access? 

Can we upload game data and video to video sharing services? 
Yes.  We have an export wizard that creates a video & data export compatible with your video sharing server (i.e., Hudl, etc.). 

What is the difference between Smart Video Replay and other solutions?
We don’t want your money.

How do I get updates and how often?
Their is a “check for updates” button you can press and it will update if one is available.  We typically put out one update during June / July for Football Season.

Why don’t you sell hardware? 
We do the software for free and are not going to invest in hardware and the nightmare of supporting and maintaining everyone’s system.  Plus, you need to understand your own system and how it works.  Why? Because nobody is going to help you at game time on a Friday night when a cable goes bad or the computer hard drive is full and you need to fix the issue before the opening kickoff.

Is there a guide to help me purchase the right hardware? 
Yes. A very detailed hardware diagram / guide (with pictures).  

I have questions. Who can I contact?
You can email shane@gmail.com.  We will respond asap.

Do you offer user support?
Yes… but he is an independent contractor and there is a fee for his services.  He will even build your kit.  Jeff Hines jeffhines2006@gmail.com.

Do you have a playbook option?
Yes.  It can also be used to whiteboard during a game.  The solution is powerful yet simple and makes football sense.

For side line and end zone, do I need a computer for each camera?
No. Our software, running on a single computer, can control up to 2 cameras.

What computer operating system does Smart Video Replay server use?
The Server application (to record the video) and the client application (to play the video) run best on Windows 10.

Who designed and developed the Smart Video Replay software program? 
Designed and Developed by Shane Lincke.